My name is Viktorija, I come from Klaipeda, a windy seashore in Lithuania, yet I proudly call myself a citizen of the world - I have lived in 5 countries, including Denmark, New Zealand and Switzerland. Currently I live in Latvia - a beautiful green country, rich in lush forests, broad mires, meadows and gardens. The nature here is thriving and is absolutely amazing - and I believe that exactly in nature we truly connect with ourselves. 

I am sociable and outgoing, which is why I easily get inspired by people that I meet, especially by women. I usually get inspired by courageous, fierce, optimistic women; sometimes it seems that these women have been gifted with an indescribable, irresistible power to attract and oh, I feel lucky to be surrounded by a number of women like this!..

I’ve dreamt of combining my two passions - women empowerment and passion for fragrance, and after a little over a year of experiments I am happy to present You with a product that is very feminine and dear to me - home fragrances that are inspired by feminine sensuality. Since I promote sustainable living, exclusive natural ingredients that add to the luxurious visual and olfactory experience have been the top priority ever since.

... and this is how Maison Kyréné was born - a luxury home fragrance studio, for and about women - fierce, unconditional, divine and free.